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Article: The Innovation of GÜDE SOLINGEN SYNCHROS Knives

The Innovation of GÜDE SOLINGEN SYNCHROS Knives

The Innovation of GÜDE SOLINGEN SYNCHROS Knives


GÜDE SOLINGEN SYNCHROS Knives: A New Cutting Experience

The SYNCHROS series has garnered numerous awards and accolades. These knives feature a design that intentionally omits the "bolster", a thickening between the blade and handle traditionally found in forged knives. The seamless transition from handle to blade offers a unique tactile and functional experience, showcasing GÜDE's commitment to innovation.

New SYNCHROS Knife Image

A Completely New Cutting Experience

  • Innovative handle design
  • Novel raised grip position
  • Consistent handle size
  • Continuous underlying tang
  • Solid convex wooden handle made of smoked oak
  • Smooth transition between handle and blade
  • Forged from one piece
  • Ground through blade at the beard
  • Slightly convex shape of the bevel


Material Image

The blade material of knives must sometimes meet conflicting requirements. It is crucial to balance these requirements to ensure optimal performance. The SYNCHROS series knives from GÜDE are crafted from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium knife steel, offering an optimal hardness of approximately 57-58 HRc (Rockwell). This degree of hardness provides torsional stiffness for precise cutting while maintaining flexibility.


Production Image

All knives in the SYNCHROS series undergo traditional drop-forging, resulting in exceptional material strength. Through meticulous manual processes, each knife is transformed from a forging blank into a unique piece of craftsmanship. The knives are ice-hardened and hand-sharpened to ensure longevity and precision.


Form Image

The drop-forging process allows for a design language that enables new functionalities. The SYNCHROS series knives feature a seamless transition from handle to blade, providing an unparalleled haptic experience. The full tang and wrap-around handle end ensure perfect balance and a comfortable grip.


Function Image

The SYNCHROS series knives are engineered for exceptional performance and longevity. With an optimum blade steel hardness and bevel angle, these knives deliver precise cutting and edge retention. The innovative handle design ensures a secure grip and fatigue-free use, making every cutting task a pleasure.

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