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Naito 150 Petty Knife

🇯🇵 Ginza Steel | Naito 150 Petty Knife

Introducing the Naito 150 Petty Knife – a culinary gem crafted in Japan. Elevate your kitchen experience with this precision-engineered blade, expertly forged from high-quality High Carbon Swedish Steel 19C27 by Sandvik for unparalleled sharpness and durability. The 150mm Petty Knife design offers versatility and precision, making it the perfect tool for intricate cutting tasks. The Naito 150 Petty Knife is not just an essential kitchen companion; it's a testament to Japanese craftsmanship, bringing the art of culinary precision to your fingertips. Upgrade your culinary journey with the epitome of Japanese knife excellence.

Blade Details:

  • Blade Material: High Carbon Swedish Steel 19C27 by Sandvik
  • Blade Pattern: Authentic Japanese Damascus
  • Blade Edge: Double Edge
  • Blade Size: 150mm

Dishwasher Safe: No

Sale price$214.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Yvan Sabourin
Fine craftsmanship

Gift wrapped and polished my first impression was awe the weight and balance of the knives is perfect with wood handle for perfect styling . I’m so pleased

Naito 150 - Petty Knife 150mm blade
Naito 150 - Petty Knife 150mm blade Sale price$214.00 CAD