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Grohmann Canada

Grohmann Knives Limited is a small family business with a big reputation.

It is an Old World story that began before the second World War, when a commercial buyer from Quebec traveled once a year to a factory in Sudetenland, then a German region of Czechoslovakia, to buy pocket knives. Every year the buyer would urge Rudolph Grohmann the production manager at a plant in Mikulasovice (Nixdorf), to come to Canada , promising him help to get started. Mr. Grohmann would always decline as he was happy in his own country, but after the war, the political situation grew desperate and in 1949 Rudolph Grohmann accepted the offer. Rudolph's daughter Berta married Michael Babinec Sr who was from Rudno nad Hrohom. Within a year, Grohmann and his family arrived in Nova Scotia at the invitation of the provincial government-funded Pictou Cutlery.

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Regular Line Fillet Knife & Leather Sheath 8" BladeRegular Line Fillet Knife & Leather Sheath 8" Blade
Regular Line Fillet Knife & Leather Sheath 6" BladeRegular Line Fillet Knife & Leather Sheath 6" Blade
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Grohmann kitchen
Forged Heavy Chef Fork Forged 6"
Sale price$92.00 USD
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Chef's Cleaver 6" Blade Rosewood Handle | Full tangChef's Cleaver 6" Blade Rosewood Handle | Full tang