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Japanese Deba Knife | Traditional Design for Professional Chefs

Experience the power and precision of a Japanese Deba knife. Hand-forged by skilled artisans, our Deba knives are designed to deliver exceptional performance in the kitchen. Perfect for filleting fish and preparing meats, our Deba knives are a must-have for any professional chef. Shop our selection today and elevate your culinary skills

Deba Knives are ideal for taking full fish or chickens and breaking them down into more suable sizes. 

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Save $7.00Ajikiri Knife, what is Ajikiri knifeAjikiri/Deba Knife 105mm Right Hand | Made in Japan
Ajikiri/Deba Knife 105mm Right Hand | Made in Japan
Sale price$69.00 USD Regular price$76.00 USD
Kenmizaki Satomi Deba Knife 150mmDeba Knife 150mm Right Hand | Made in Japan