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The Premier Knife Haven of Canada

We stand as a boutique establishment, where our ethos prioritizes excellence over abundance. Our quest takes us across the globe, exploring distant corners to unearth the most exquisite handcrafted knives, culinary tools, and utensils. Sustainability is woven into our very essence.

Bearing the name, we operate as a subsidiary under Next Canadian Trading Inc. Our assortment of kitchen knives predominantly hails from Seki City, Japan, Canada, and Europe, while our sports knives are meticulously sourced from various corners of the world.

Japan boasts a rich and time-honored legacy of blade craftsmanship, with each region bestowing its unique flair upon the art. The craft's roots trace back to the 8th century, and over time, Japanese artisans have etched their reputation for forging some of the world's sharpest and most exquisite blades.

Within our realm of the Japanese knife haven, we take pride in perpetuating this legacy. Our curated selection showcases hand-forged Japanese knives, meticulously crafted by virtuosos who adhere to age-old techniques and employ the finest elements, giving birth to knives that unite form and function in symphony.

Every knife we offer is meticulously tailored to excel in its designated role – be it the delicate precision required for sushi slicing or the finesse needed for fish filleting. Our collection encompasses an array of styles, spanning from the daintiness of sushi knives to the robust might of butcher blades.

We firmly believe in the euphoria of possessing a top-tier knife, an instrument of joy in every culinary expedition. Our unwavering commitment to our patrons is underscored by the promise of enduring quality. Whether an epicurean professional or a home-cooking enthusiast, our repository harbors a blade primed to meet your needs and elevate your gastronomic odyssey.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to peruse our digital emporium, an invitation to embrace the splendor and artistry that encapsulate our Japanese blades. With certainty, you shall uncover a knife that captivates your heart, destined to become an indispensable part of your kitchen narrative.

Our pledge to you: We vouch for the utmost excellence, standing behind each blade. Our 30-day money-back guarantee leaves no room for doubt.

The pantheon of Japanese knives encompasses an array of specialties, each honed for specific feats. Some of these illustrious types include:

  • Sashimi Knife: A slender, elongated blade culminating in a keen, pointed apex, ideal for the finesse of sashimi and sushi fish slicing.
  • Deba Knife: A robust, weighty implement characterized by a substantial spine and a keen, pointed tip – its domain lies in the finesse of fish filleting and butchery.
  • Usuba Knife: A rectangular masterpiece endowed with an incisive straight edge, perfect for the precision of vegetable cuts.
  • Yanagiba Knife: Graceful in its elongated curvature, this blade reigns supreme in the world of raw fish slicing for sashimi.
  • Gyuto Knife: A chameleon of versatility, its silhouette mirrors the Western chef's knife – a reliable companion for a gamut of tasks encompassing chopping, slicing, and dicing.
  • Nakiri Knife: A stoic rectangular guardian boasting a sharp, unwavering edge, specialized in the art of vegetable mastery.
  • Santoku Knife: An artisan of balance, the Santoku marries the duties of chopping, dicing, and slicing with finesse, emerging as a hallmark of Japanese culinary artistry.

Our treasures journey from our warehouse in Vaughan, ON, Canada, ensuring a seamless pilgrimage to your culinary sanctuary.