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Gyuto Knife - Butcher Knife

What is Gyu-tou (Butcher Knife,Chef Knife)
This type is mainly used to cut apart beef blocks. The reason for this is because this knife is most suited for the pressing technique where maximum weight can be applied. The meat can be cut while applying force by pressing the arch on the tip of the blade. For a large block of meat, if you simply move the blade in a vertical path, even when attempted powerfully, the blade will be caught and stop in the middle. Or, when attempting to slice beef using the slicing technique similar to cutting sashimi, sufficient weight cannot be applied and therefore the meat will not be cut in one swift motion. However, with the pressing technique, the blade can be pushed forward as much as necessary by using the weight and cut apart a large block. It is also good for carving the meat apart from the bone because the tip is very sharp. Furthermore, the common name for this type is chef’s knife, indicating the wide variety of possible application other than meat alone.