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Santoku Knife

Santoku knife is the most popular type of knife that has evolved together with the Japanese culture. It is said you cannot find a home in Japan without a Santoku Knife. The “San”, or “three”, in Japanese points to three ingredients of meat, fish and vegetables pointing to its versatility. It is an all-purpose knife that could prepare pretty much any ingredient. Although its birthplace is Japan, it’s convenience has spread overseas, and in recent years many non-Japan made Santoku Knives are found.

History of Santoku Knife

The knife was born in Japan during the high economic growth period after the war when Western food became widely consumed among the general population, causing a shift in ingredient selection. Vegetables were common choice in Japanese cuisine before this change and vegetable knives were most common choice in households. However, the change in diet created a need for multiple knives, each specializing in vegetables, fish and red meat; however, this was not convenient for most who were non- professional cooks. To nullify the problem, Santoku Knife was born. That is to say, the knife evolved with the dining rooms across Japan.