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Cotton and Denim Care and Maintenance

Cotton and Denim Care and Maintenance


The most ideal thing about the cotton and denim collection? The fabric aprons are not only insanely comfortable, but they can be washed just like normal garments.

The denim aprons are nice and sturdy and made from old jeans. Treat this apron just like a pair of jeans, then this apron will last for decades and stay in perfect condition.

The cotton aprons are soft and made from collected cotton T-shirts and sweaters.

Care and Cleaning

  1. Dry dirt like bread flour? Then pat the apron outside or use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.
  2. Is your apron very dirty? Then the cotton apron may just go in the wash. Before washing, read the label inside the apron. Wassen op dertig graden wordt aanbevolen.
  3. Cotton apron in the washing machine? Be sure to tie it gently before it goes in the wash. Putting the tire back in the tunnels is not so easy.
  4. Always make sure an apron is completely dry when you store it. Folding is fine, but we like to hang or roll. This also prevents creases in the apron.
  5. Persistent stains? Then treat the aprons just like clothing. Denim is similar to jeans and cotton to a cotton T-shirt or sweater.

So you can treat the cotton aprons exactly like this. Nice and easy.