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Hagakure 21 VG10 Damascus Steel Chef Knife

Introducing the Hagakure 21, a premium 8-inch VG10 Damascus steel chef knife for versatile kitchen tasks. Crafted with a lightweight handle, ergonomic design, and optimal balance, it ensures precise control and comfort. The carbon steel construction guarantees rust resistance for lasting durability. With a striking Hitachi polished finish, this chef knife boasts a unique pattern, combining aesthetic appeal with sharp functionality. Elevate your culinary experience with the excellence of the Hagakure 20 VG10 Damascus steel chef knife.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Sale price$100.00 USD

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hache

HAGAKURE 20 | Japanese Santoku Knife 8" - 67 Layer VG10 Steel

Francois Prevost
Love them

I ordered two day ago 4 of them. Receive my order this morning. They more than expected, nice and sharp as a wish. Thanks a lot.

Santoku 8”

I wanted a versatile knife and this is it !

Jeff Ruysenaars
Seems very good so far.

I have a few Japanese knives of high carbon steel that are my favourites, but the claim of VG10 steel on this blade at this price made it irresistible. The blade came sharp, but I typically sharpen to a higher level. Although I haven't refined the edge yet, I look forward to seeing the results on this blade, as I really like it on some of my pocket knives.

Amazing Knife

Amazing looking knife (true to the picture), you will not be disappointed! Very good quality build and definitely up to the task of being used as your main chef's knife! Shipped and arrived very quickly as well.

HAGAKURE 21 | Chef Knife Knife 8" - 67 Layer VG10 Steel
HAGAKURE 21 | Chef Knife Knife 8" - 67 Layer VG10 Steel Sale price$100.00 USD